Beauty & Wellness with a Conscious

Girl B Natural is the world’s first wellness & beauty tech enabled lifestyle brand with your health in mind, creating products and giving back. We are a community of women using wellness and beauty to empower and transform the commercialized notion of self-care. We're changing the game in women's health by aggregating women's health stories to transform our health related outcomes through community and shared experiences.

The Pinky Promise

We only test on our girlfriends, never animals! All of our products are cruelty free and free of harsh chemicals. Keeping your health in mind we’ve traveled long and far to bring you the best ingredients, free from harsh chemicals. We say no to toxins.

Feminine Wellness You Want to Show Off

Girl B Natural isn't just a brand it's a lifestyle. We offer handmade, organic, plant-based and herbal formulas that support holistic health and beauty lifestyles that will combat certain issues that have become ubiquitous throughout communities all over the world. You'll enjoy the nourishing power of our products to all women. Our products are luxurious, elegant, and formulated for the most compromised immune systems.

Non-Toxic Revolt

Our products are natural and made with the safest ingredients

You Can't Help But To Love Us!

(and we love you back!)

Personal care products should be clean, healthy and safe. Every product we create is handmade with your health in mind and formulated to keep you feeling your very best naturally
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