About us

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, GirlBNatural is a clean personal care brand on a mission to create a higher standard for women’s wellness. Handmade with toxin-free ingredients, every product is cruelty-free, sustainable, and vegan whenever possible. Driven by our progressive approach to self-care education, our products are accessible and loved by all women—including those with the most sensitive and compromised immune systems. Our products serve every aspect of women’s health from daily care to postpartum support. At GirlBNatural, women are our inspiration, community is our power, and nature is our guide.
Our products are natural and made with the safest ingredients.
GirlBNatural founder ShantaQuilette Develle has always been passionate about women’s wellness. After watching her aunt and multiple friends fight breast cancer, ShantaQuilette founded a non-profit to provide breast cancer patients with safe and healthy personal care products. But what started as a mission for others quickly became personal when ShantaQuilette had a heart attack at 40, followed by a stroke. Suddenly, she was dealing with unpredictable hormonal shifts and unexpected side effects from her medications like chafing and vaginal dryness. She wanted to find personal care products that would help, but wouldn’t add toxic load to her life. What she discovered was that there were hardly any options that were both healthy and luxurious. While still recovering from her stroke, ShantaQuilette became a certified herbalist and tapped her father—a manufacturing expert with 40 years of experience—to help her develop luxurious products that were cleaner than what she could find on the market. Today, ShantaQuilette runs GirlBNatural alongside her daughter Nyaira, a new mother who shares her passion for women’s wellness and health education.

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